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Gustar conjugation - Verbs like gustar

29 Apr, 2017 Popular Articles
Gustar conjugation - Verbs like gustar1 votes. 4.5 / 5

The verb “gustar” is most frequently used in the third person singular or plural to express “like”. For example, Me gusta el libro (I like the book). The verb "Gustar" comes with different conjugation. And this makes us feel confused when using. In this article, we will show you forms of gustar conjugation in Spanish and their usage. 

Verbs like gustar

Gustar conjugation



yo     gusto   gustégustabagustaríagustaré
gustas  gustastegustabasgustarías gustarás
él/ella/ustedgusta    gustógustabagustaríagustará
nosotros/-asgustamos    gustamosgustábamosgustaríamosgustaremos
vosotros/-asgustáis gustasteis gustabais gustaríais gustaréis
ellos/ellas/ustedesgustan gustaron gustaban gustarían gustarán


 SubjectPresent ImperfectImperfect 2 Future
yo guste gustara gustase gustare
 gustes gustaras gustases gustares
él/ella/Ud. guste gustara gustase gustare
nosotros gustemos gustáramos gustásemos gustáremos
vosotros gustéis gustarais gustaseis gustareis
ellos/ellas/Uds.  gusten gustarangustasen gustaren


 yo   él/ella/ustednosotros/-as vosotros/-as ellos/ellas/ustedes
Affirmative Imperative  gustagustegustemosgustadgusten
Negative Commands  no gustes!  no guste!no gustemos!no gustéis! no gusten!

Gustar conjugation - Verbs like gustar

Gustar conjugation - Verbs like gustar

Gustar usage

Using the verb "gustar" requires use of the indirect object pronouns.

Let's take a closer look at the sentence "I like the room" in English:

I - subject of the sentence
like - verb
the room - direct object

In English, it is correct to make a sentence that has the subject “like” a direct object. However, this never occurs in Spanish. Instead, a different construction is used.

In English: I like the room.

In Spanish: The room is pleasing to me (Me gusta el cuarto)

Both versions really mean the same thing. In English, the subject of the sentence is "I" while in Spanish, the subject is "the room" - the object. And the IO pronouns is not the subject.

See Spanish direct vs indirect object pronouns for more information.


Mucho gusto - Pleased to meet you

A nosotros nos gusta correr - We like to run

Sé que te va a gustar tu regalito. I know that you will like your little present.

A mí me gusta la música - I like the music

Nos gustaría comer algo - We’d like something to eat

A mí me gusta el fútbol - I like soccer

Me gustan los libros - I like the books

Me gusta el libro - I like the book

A Juan le gusta el café. A mí me gusta el té.

John likes coffee. I like tea.

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