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Thank you in Spanish language

04 Apr, 2017 Popular Articles
Thank you in Spanish language2 votes. 2.75 / 5

"Thanks" and "thank you" are one of the first sentences you know at the beginning phase of learning any foreign language. They are useful words that we use in our everyday life. Here we will guide you on how to say thank you or how to express your gratitude to someone in Spanish language.

Thank you in Spanish language

Thank you


1. (to show your gratitude to someone because they have done something for you or given you something)

a. gracias

Thank you (for something) - Gracias por...


Gracias por tu comprensión - Thanks for your understanding

Gracias por el regalo - Thank you for the gift

¡Muchas gracias por la manzana! - Thank you very much for the apple!

b. le agradezco (formal)

Le agradezco todo el apoyo que me ha dado - I'm grateful to him for all the support he's given me.

Thank you


1. (expression of gratitude)

las gracias


Don't forget to say your thank-you before you leave.

No te olvides de dar las gracias antes de marcharte.

2. (message of thanks)

el agradecimiento

Carta de agradecimiento - thank you letter

She sent a thank-you for the wedding gifts - Ella envió una nota de agradecimiento por los regalos de boda

Other expressions:

Thank you very much - Muchas gracias/Muchísimas gracias

Thank you in advance - Con gracias anticipadas

Thank you all - Gracias a todos

Thank you for not smoking - Gracias por no fumar

Thank you again - Con gracias repetidas