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#Spanish Vocabulary

  • Linking words and phrases in Spanish

    Learn most common linking words, phrases, and expressions in Spanish. How to say firstly, secondly, however, moreover, because of, etc in Spanish

  • Bueno vs Bien

    Learn how to differentiate bueno from bien in Spanish. What is the difference between bien and bueno. How to use them correctly in Spanish?

  • Spanish vocabulary: PLACES

    Spanish vocabulary: Places. Learn how to say names of common places in Spanish such as market, hotel, park, restaurant, movie theater, etc.

  • Spanish expressions: Talking on the phone

    Spanish common words, phrases, and expressions when talking on the phone in Spanish. Learn how to make and receive phone calls in Spanish

  • Spanish vocabulary - Tastes

    Learn how to say different tastes in Spanish through a vocabulary list. Find out how to describe the taste of food in Spanish. It's easy!

  • Halloween vocabulary in Spanish

    Learn common words and phrases to talk about Halloween in Spanish. A list of Halloween vocabulary in Spanish! Expand your Spanish vocabulary!

  • How to express wishes and hopes in Spanish?

    Learn how to express your wishes and hopes in Spanish. How to say I wish, I hope, etc in Spanish. Learn common Spanish phrases

  • Making recommendations and giving advice in Spanish

    Learn how to make recommendations and give advice in Spanish. Comon words and phrases to give advice and to make recommendations.

  • Spanish cooking verbs

    Common Spanish cooking verbs. A list of useful verbs used in the kitchen. How to talk about recipe and instructions in Spanish?

  • Spanish vocabulary: Animals

    Learn how to say names of animals in Spanish. Spanish animal vocabulary. How to say different mammals, insects, birds, reptiles, fish in Spanish?