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#Spanish Tenses

  • Spanish present simple tense usage and verb conjugation

    Learn about Spanish present simple tense, how to conjugate verbs in present tense, what are regular and irregular verbs in Spanish with English translation

  • Spanish conditional tense - Forms and usage

    Learn about regular and irregular forms of Spanish conditional tense and conjugation of verbs in the conditional. Find out uses of the conditional tense

  • Future tense in Spanish

    Learn about future tense in Spanish, formation and uses. Find out how to talk about what will happen in future? how to say "am going to" in Spanish?

  • Spanish past tense - Preterite vs Imperfect

    Learn how and when to use Spanish past tense. Find out the difference between Spanish preterite and imperfect tenses. Verb conjugation of preterite and imperfect tenses

  • Spanish present perfect tense

    In this lesson, we will learn how to form and use Spanish present perfect tense. Spanish present perfect tense How to form? In English, the present perfect is formed by combining the auxiliary verb "have" or "has" with the past participle. In Spanish, it is formed by using the present indicative of the auxiliary verb “haber” and the

  • Spanish present progressive tense

    Learn how to form and when to use the present progressive tense or the present continuous tense in Spanish. It is formed by combining "estar" with the present participle