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Spanish travel words and phrases that you must know

26 Jun, 2017 Popular Articles, Common Spanish Phrases
Spanish travel words and phrases that you must know4 votes. 4.88 / 5

You're preaparing for a trip to Spain? Then, our list of useful Spanish travel phrases will make it easier for you to navigate your way through different travel scenarios. Your trip to Spain would be much more meaningful if you can communicate with locals. 

Spanish travel phrases and words

Spanish travel words and phrases

Useful Spanish travel words and phrases

Greetings and farewells

Good morning – Buenos días (bway nos dee ahs)

Good afternoon – Buenas tardes (bway nahs tar days)

Good evening – Buenas noches (bway nahs noh chayss)

Hi - Hola (oh lah). You can say that with people you know.

Nice to meet you - Mucho gusto

Do you speak English? - ¿Habla inglés? (ahblah een glays)

See you later - Hasta luego/'Sta logo 

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At the airport

When does the flight leave? - ¿Cuándo sale el vuelo?

When does the flight arrive? - ¿Cuándo llega el vuelo?

Where is the taxi stop? - ¿Dónde está la parada de taxis?

Where is baggage claim? - ¿Dónde está el reclamo de equipaje?

My suitcases are lost - Mis maletas están perdidas

Getting around

I need to go to ___. = Necesito ir a ___

Where is ___? - ¿Dónde está ___?  

I’m lost - Estoy perdido / Estoy perdida

When does the next train to ___ leave? - ¿Cuándo sale el próximo tren para ___?

How much does it cost? - ¿Cuánto cuesta?

Could you repeat that, please? - ¿Podría repetirlo, por favor?

Where's the bathroom? - ¿Dónde está el baño?

It's too expensive - Es demasiado caro

Schedule - el horario

Delay - el retraso

Entrance - la entrada

Departure - la salida

Arrival - la llegada

Hotel - el hotel

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At a restaurant

Can I see the menu? - ¿Puedo ver el menú?

I need a table for two, please - Necesito una mesa para dos, por favor

What’s the daily special? - ¿Cuál es el especial del día?

What do you recommend? - ¿Qué me recomienda?

The Bill please - La Cuenta por favor 

Other basic phrases

I want ___. - Yo quiero ___.

I don't want - Yo no quiero

Do you have? – ¿Tiene? (tee ayn ay)?

I would like (more polite) – Me gustaría (may goo stah ree ah)

Hope that the above list of Spanish travel phrases may help you survive out in the Spanish-speaking world. Follow our site to get instant Spanish to English translation and daily vocabulary and grammar lessons.