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Spanish personality adjectives to describe a person

03 May, 2017 Popular Articles
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There are thousands of adjectives that are used to talk about someone’s personality. In this article, we will show you a list of common adjectives to describe a person in Spanish with English translation. This vocabulary list is very useful when someone ask you about your family, your friends and you want to build up a picture of what they are like. Just keep reading to get a list of descriptive words or adjectives to describe someone's personality in Spanish. 

Adjectives to describe a person in Spanish – Spanish personality adjectives

Below is a list of basic words used to talk about someone’s personality traits (personalidad)

Positive adjectives

  • Happy - Alegre
  • Sweet- Linda
  • Trustworthy - digno de confianza
  • Polite – Cortés / Educado
  • Quiet – Callado
  • Ambitious - Ambicioso/Ambiciosa
  • Interesting - Interesante
  • Cheerful - Alegre
  • Sociable - Sociable
  • Friendly - Amigable
  • Responsible - Responsable
  • Honest - Honesto/Honesta
  • Brave – Caliente
  • Modest - Modesto/Modesta
  • Generous - Generoso
  • Intelligent - Inteligente
  • Hard-working – Trabajador
  • Patient - Paciente
  • Funny – Divertido
  • Kind - Amable
  • Optimistic - Optimista
  • Clever / smart - Llisto, lista

Negative adjectives

  • Perseverant - Perseverante
  • Annoying - Molestoso/Molestosa
  • Careless - Imprudente
  • Cautious – Prudente
  • Lazy - Perezoso/Perezosa
  • Talkative - Hablador
  • Stubborn – Terco/Testarudo/Tozudo
  • Bad-tempered - Malhumorado
  • Mean - Tacaño
  • Selfish – Egoísta
  • Pessimistic - Pesimista
  • Stupid - Estúpido (masculine), estúpida (feminine)
  • Dishonest - Deshonesto/Deshonesta
  • Rude - Grosero/Grosera

Spanish personality adjectives to describe a person

Common Spanish adjectives to describe a person

How to talk about someone’s personality?

If you want to describe one’s personality, you can say Él es___(He is___) or Ella es___(She is___). To describe your personality or character, say Yo soy___.


She is ambitious - Ella es ambiciosa
He is ambitious - Él es ambicioso
He is friendly - Él es simpático
She is hard-working - Ella es trabajadora


In Spanish, forms of adjectives may change to match with the person that they are modifying. See gender of nouns in Spanish for more information.

Now it’s time to try to describe your personality using descriptive words or personality adjectives above! Remember to use them regularly so that they will become your long-term memory. Follow our site to get more useful Spanish to English vocabulary list.