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The Atlantic Dawn seems to be something of a mystery ship, operating off the coast of Ireland, Mauritania or wherever.
El Atlantic Dawn parece un barco fantasma, faena frente a la costa de Irlanda, de Mauritania o donde sea.
high winds sent the ship off course
fuertes vientos desviaron la nave de su rumbo
the ship was a mile off shore
el barco estaba a una milla de la costa
the ship was driven off course
el barco perdió el rumbo
Recently, fifteen Africans died when the Spanish Civil Guard attempted to board their ship off the coasts of the Canary Islands and this week another person has died.
Recientemente, al ser abordadas por la Guardia Civil española, murieron quince personas africanas ante las costas de las islas Canarias y esta semana ha muerto otra persona.