"tirarse a" in English

tirarse a{verb}
to lay{v.t.} [slg.] (to have sex with)
to shag{v.t.} [Brit.] [vulg.] (have sex with)
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Dentro de un año este pacto podrido deberá amañarse o tirarse a la papelera, como propuse la última vez.
In a year’s time this rotten pact will have to be fudged or dumped, as I suggested last time.
A principios de otoño concluiremos si tienen que seguir sobre la mesa, modificarse o sencillamente tirarse a la papelera.
In early autumn we will conclude whether these should remain on the table, be amended or simply thrown out.
tirarse a algn
to screw sb
tirarse a algn
to bonk sb
tirarse a algn
to fuck sb