"to sulk" in Spanish

to sulk{intransitive verb}
We say now that Turkey should think about its interests and use the chance the offer provides, instead of withdrawing into a sulk!
Ahora decimos que Turquía debería reflexionar sobre sus intereses y aprovechar las oportunidades que le abre esta oferta, en vez de enfurruñarse.
alunarse{vb} [SAm.] [coll.]
amurrarse{vb} [Chile] [coll.]
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I do not believe it is right to sulk about whether the European Parliament was listened to or not.
No creo que resulte acertado enfadarse por si se ha escuchado o no al Parlamento Europeo.
to let him sulk for a while, he'll soon come around
que refunfuñe un rato, ya se le pasará