"slammer" in Spanish

to be in the slammer
estar en la cárcel
chirona{f} [coll.]
I took particular satisfaction myself in looking at the B92 radio station website at the weekend, which had the headline "Slobo in the slammer".
Me produjo especial satisfacción leer el titular "Slobo in the slammer" (Slobo en chirona) en el sitio web de la emisora de radio B92 el fin de semana.
cana{f} [SAm.] [slg.]
trullo{m} [Spa.] [slg.]
bote{m} [Mex.] [slg.]
guandoca{f} [Col.] [coll.]
capacha{f} [Chile] [coll.]
slammer(also: can, nick)
tambo{m} [coll.] (cárcel)
slammer(also: can)
tanque{m} [Mex.] [coll.] (cárcel)
trena{f} [Spa.] [slg.]
slammer(also: jail)
chucho{m} [Chile] [coll.] (cárcel)
gayola{f} [SAm.] [coll.] (cárcel)
slammer(also: can, nick)
talego{m} (cárcel)
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to be in the slammer
estar en la cárcel