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A few weeks ago that field was dug up by bulldozers to create a municipal rubbish dump.
Hace pocas semanas se empezó a excavar dicho campo para construir un vertedero municipal.
It is vital that we fight with determination against the hooligans of the sea who use the oceans as a rubbish dump!
¡Es imperativo luchar implacablemente contra los filibusteros del mar, que consideran los océanos un vertedero!
No longer must it be tolerated that thousands of unemployed people aged over 55 are simply, and officially, kicked out of society and their experiences of life and work consigned to the rubbish dump.
Tampoco podemos tolerar que miles de parados de más de 55 años sean expulsados oficialmente de la sociedad y su experiencia vital y laboral, arrojada al cubo de basura.