"reed" in Spanish

reed(also: cane, culm)
caña{f} [bot.]
Instead of crops in the fields we find rape, corn, reeds, which once processed end up in the fuel tanks of cars.
En lugar de cultivos con fines alimentarios en los campos hallamos colza, maíz y caña que, una vez transformados, acaban en los depósitos de combustible de los coches.
carrizo{m} [bot.]
reed(also: rush)
junco{m} [bot.]
cañabrava{f} [bot.]
caña brava{f} [bot.] [LAm.]
lengüeta{f} [mus.]
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just plain Mike Reed, please
Mike Reed, sin más, por favor
just plain Mike Reed, please
Mike Reed, nomás, por favor
As summarized by Kati Wenzel, Assistant Advisor for Europe, the site features with a diversity of coastal and inland habitats including shallow sea, capes and islands, coastal meadows and reed-beds.
hectáreas, 58°10'N 024°35'E) que es una Reserva Natural, un Área Importante para la Conservación de las Aves de BirdLife, y un sitio Natura 2000.