"puff" in English

puff(also: gust, blow, breath)
puff and sip device
dispositivo de succión y soplo
with one puff
de un soplo
bocanada{f} (de humo, aliento)
Ladies and gentlemen, the last puff has a bad taste.
Señoras y señores, la última bocanada deja un mal sabor.
a puff of smoke
una bocanada de humo
puff(also: drag)
puff(also: blow)
puff(also: suck, drag, draw, pull)
can I have a puff of your cigarette?
¿me das una chupada de tu cigarrillo?
puff(also: drag, draw, pull, toke)
pitada{f} [LAm.]
milhojas{m} [gastro.]
puff(also: breath, wind)
to run out of puff
quedarse sin aliento
to puff out
dejar sin aliento
puff(also: drag)
copiada{f} [Col.] [coll.]
fumada{f} [coll.]
to puff[puffed · puffed] {transitive verb}
darle bombo a {vb} [coll.]
to give sth a puff
darle bombo a algo
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