"pronunciarse sobre" in English

"pronunciarse sobre" in English
to pass{v.i.} [Amer.] (rule)
Son los Parlamentos nacionales los que tienen que pronunciarse sobre la subsidiariedad.
A verdict on subsidiarity is very much something for national parliaments to pass.
. – Es demasiado tarde, o demasiado pronto, para pronunciarse sobre el asunto Eurostat, que, dicho sea de paso, oculta muchas más cosas de lo que dice la moción.
.– It is too late or too early to pass judgment on the Eurostat affair, to which, let it be added, there is much more than has been mentioned in the motion.
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También el Parlamento aprovechó la oportunidad para pronunciarse sobre el asunto.
Parliament also took the opportunity to give its opinion on this occasion.
El Consejo Europeo de Luxemburgo deberá pronunciarse sobre esta elección.
The European Council in Luxembourg will have to take a decision on that choice.
Y la paradoja es que van a tener que pronunciarse sobre el texto inicial.
The paradox is that you are going to have to reach a verdict on the initial text.
Son los Parlamentos nacionales los que tienen que pronunciarse sobre la subsidiariedad.
A verdict on subsidiarity is very much something for national parliaments to pass.
Comisario que vuelva a pronunciarse sobre este tema.
I would therefore ask you, Commissioner, to give your views on this once more.
Por lo tanto, este Parlamento debe pronunciarse inmediatamente sobre el tema.
Therefore, this Parliament must immediately give its opinion on the issue.
Muy pronto, esta Asamblea deberá pronunciarse en primera lectura sobre este importante texto.
Parliament will soon issue an opinion, at first reading, on this important text.
Me gustaría pedir al ponente que tome la palabra para pronunciarse sobre este tema.
I would like to ask the rapporteur to take the floor on this matter.
El Parlamento Europeo necesita pronunciarse claramente sobre un asunto de tal importancia.
The European Parliament needs to speak out on a matter of such importance.
¿Qué diría hoy, si hubiera de pronunciarse sobre esta Conferencia Intergubernamental?
What would he say today if he had to make a statement about the Intergovernmental Conference?
Las autoridades deben pronunciarse sobre su solicitud lo antes posible.
The authorities should decide on their application as soon as possible.
En consecuencia, no es incumbencia de la Comisión pronunciarse sobre esta cuestión.
Therefore, it is not for the Commission to rule on this matter.
Señor Presidente, insto formalmente al Parlamento a pronunciarse favorablemente sobre la urgencia.
Mr President, I would formally request the House to agree to urgent procedure.
. - Señor Allister, no es tarea de la Presidencia pronunciarse sobre cuestiones de cortesía.
Mr Allister, it is not the duty of the Presidency to judge on courtesy.
No corresponde, pues, al Consejo pronunciarse sobre esta cuestión.
It is not therefore up to the Council to state an opinion on this matter.
La Unión Europea debe pronunciarse sobre ese aspecto de la crisis.
The European Union ought to speak out on that aspect of the crisis too.
No corresponde al representante de la Comisión pronunciarse sobre este punto.
It is not within the province of the Commission's representative to express an opinion on this point.
Si así fuera, el Parlamento tendría que pronunciarse sobre si acepta o no esta petición.
If that were the case, Parliament would give its opinion on whether or not to accept this request.
Tener derecho a pronunciarse sobre quién va a presidirla y terminar a tiempo.
It should have the right to decide who to choose as President and the right to finish its work on time.
El Parlamento debe pronunciarse formalmente sobre dos cuestiones.
Parliament now has formally to adopt an opinion on two questions.