"to pester" in Spanish

That may be true, but something is now finally happening thanks to our pestering - if I may use that word.
Y es posible que sea cierto, pero algo empieza a suceder gracias a nuestro incordio -si me permiten utilizar esta palabra.
cargar[cargando · cargado] {vb} [Arg.] [fig.]
cachimbear {v.t.} [Chile] [coll.]
enchinchar {v.t.} [Mex.] [coll.]
guindarse {vb} [Ven.] [coll.] (atosigar)
jeringuear {v.t.} [LAm.] [coll.]
jeringuear {v.i.} [LAm.] [coll.]
joder[jodiendo · jodido] {v.t.} (molestar)
ladillar {v.t.} [Ven.] [vulg.]
macanear {v.t.} [Chile] [coll.] (molestar)
escorchar {v.t.} [SAm.] [coll.]
fuñir {v.t.} [Ven.] [coll.] (molestar)
odiar[odiando · odiado] {v.t.} [Chile] [coll.] (fastidiar)
odiosear {v.t.} [Chile] [coll.]
to pester[pestered · pestered] {transitive verb}
Although that is a well-known fact, it was still difficult to make others see that this is not about pestering lorries.
Aunque este es un hecho de sobra conocido, ha sido difícil hacer comprender a otros que no se trata de molestar a los camiones.
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I hate having to pester you to do it
no me gusta nada tener que estarte encima para que lo hagas