"NIP" in English

nip(also: amount, bit, hint, iota)
nip(also: snifter)
traguito{m} [coll.]
dedal{m} [coll.]
to nip[nipped · nipped] {transitive verb}
to give sb a nip
pellizcar a algn
to give sb a nip
mordisquear a algn
to nip at sth
mordisquear algo
afanarse {vb} [slg.]
mangar {vb} [Spa.] [coll.]
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en nombre del Grupo IND/DEM - Señor Presidente, mis amigos en el nuevo Partido NIP en Rumanía enfurecieron cuando se enteraron de la expulsión de Italia de miles de rumanos.
on behalf of the IND/DEM Group. - Mr President, my friends in the new NIP Party in Romania were furious when they learned about the expulsion of thousands of Romanians from Italy.