"menearse" in English

to bob[bobbed · bobbed] {v.t.} (move abruptly)
to sway {v.t.} (move)
menear(also: mover)
to wag[wagged · wagged] {v.t.} (tail)
Somos y seremos el rabo del buldog alemán, sin embargo, la retórica del Sr. Primer Ministro hace parecer que fuera el rabo el que menea al perro.
We are and remain the tail of the German bulldog, but the Prime Minister's rhetoric makes it look as if it is the tail that is wagging the dog.
to stir {v.t.} (mix)
menear algo
to give sth a stir
menear[meneando · meneado] {transitive verb}
¿Veo que menea usted la cabeza?
Do I see you shaking your head?
Synonyms (Spanish) for "menearse":