"joder" in English

to ball[balled · balled] {v.i.} [Amer.] [slg.]
to ball up {vb} [slg.] (spoil)
joder(also: chingar)
to bugger {v.t.} [slg.] (ruin, spoil)
to bugger about {vb} (act foolishly)
to bugger about {vb} (inconvenience)
to bugger up {vb} [vulg.]
to cock up {vb} [slg.]
to dick {v.t.} [Amer.] [vulg.] (copulate with)
joder(also: timar)
to dick {v.t.} [Amer.] [slg.] (cheat)
to fuck around {vb} (fiddle, tinker)
joder(also: chingar)
to fuck around {vb} [Brit.] (treat badly)
joder(also: chingar)
to fuck up {vb} (spoil)
to hump {v.i.} [slg.]
to screw up {vb} [slg.] (spoil, ruin)
to shaft {v.t.} [Amer.] [vulg.] (betray)
joder[jodiendo · jodido] {intransitive verb}
to fuck {v.i.} [vulg.]
bugger{interj.} [Brit.] [vulg.]
fuck{interj.} [vulg.]
¡joder, qué frío hace!
shit! it's cold!
joder(also: ahijuna)
bloody hell!{interj.} [Brit.] [slg.]
holy shit!{interj.} [vulg.]
jeez{interj.} [Amer.] [coll.]
for fuck's sake!{interj.} [vulg.]
for heaven's sake!{interj.} [coll.]
fuck it!{interj.} [vulg.]
bollocks!{interj.} [vulg.] [ex.] (expressing annoyance)
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¡joder con el tío este! se cree que lo sabe todo
can you believe this guy! he really thinks he knows it all
déjense de joder, che
stop hassling me, for Pete's sake!
¡joder, qué frío hace!
it's bloody freezing
¡joder, qué frío hace!
shit! it's cold!
¡déjate de joder!
sod off!