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I have nothing against the author, and I do not believe he bears me a personal grudge either.
No tengo nada en contra del autor, y tampoco creo que él me guarde rencor personal.
she bears me a grudge for having beaten her
no me perdona que le haya ganado
to have a grudge against sb
tenerle inquina a algn
to have a grudge against sb
tenerle hincha a algn
a grudge fight
un ajuste de cuentas
to harbour a grudge
guardar rencor
to harbor a grudge
guardar rencor
to nurse a grudge
guardar rencor
Therefore, I would ask the Commission this: will it hold its grudge, despite the crisis in the motor industry, or will it change course in light of this crisis?
Por tanto, quisiera preguntar a la Comisión si guardará rencor a pesar de la crisis de la industria del automóvil o si cambiará de dirección en vistas de esta crisis.