"to flog" in Spanish

"to flog" in Spanish
to flog{transitive verb}
However, there is a saying that you should not flog a dead horse.
Sin embargo, el refrán dice que no se azota al caballo muerto.
Let us therefore stop flogging this dead horse and deal with issues that are really important to Europe and its citizens.
Por lo tanto, dejemos de azotar este caballo muerto y abordemos las cuestiones que son realmente importantes para Europa y sus ciudadanos.
to give sb a flogging
azotar a algn
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However, if we become proactive, then it is important that we react to the challenges of the digital era and not flog dead horses.
Sin embargo, si vamos a ser activos es importante que reaccionemos ante los retos de la era digital y aremos en el mar.
to flog a dead horse
perder el tiempo con una causa inútil