"estremecerse" in English

to blench{v.i.} (recoil)
to rock{v.i.} (violently)
to shiver{v.i.} (with anticipation)
to shudder{v.i.} (person)
to wince{v.i.} (shudder)
to shudder {v.i.}
Las cifras que figuran en el informe nos hacen estremecer.
The statistics given in the report make us shudder.
Como mujer, me estremezco cuando veo mujeres jóvenes embarazadas fumando.
As a woman, I shudder when I see young pregnant women smoking.
su solo recuerdo me hace estremecer
the mere thought of him makes me shudder
Context examples for "estremecerse" in English(!) These sentences come from external sources & may not be accurate. Therefore, we are not responsible for their content.
estremecerse de placer
to give a wriggle of pleasure
estremecerse de placer
to writhe in ecstasy
estremecerse con algo
to thrill to sth