"dolerse" in English

"dolerse" in English
doler{intransitive verb}
doler[doliendo · dolido] {intransitive verb}
Evidentemente, nos duele la posibilidad de que se establezcan excepciones.
Of course, the derogation clauses hurt.
esto me va a doler mucho más a mí que a ti
this is going to hurt me much more than it is going to hurt you
Esto va a doler.
That will hurt!
Perdónenme, pero me duele un poco el vientre.
I am sorry to tell you that I have a bit of stomach ache.
doler por todas partes
to ache all over
Esto me recordaría un refrán griego que dice que no te puedes cortar la cabeza si lo que te duele es un diente.
This reminds me of a Greek proverb: you cannot chop off your head just because you have tooth ache.
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Al com-padecerse, con-dolerse, con-morir corresponde un con-renegar, con-gozar, con-poseer.
Hence, to suffer with, to condole with, and to die with leads to reigning with, rejoicing with, and possessing with.