"to dismember" in Spanish

"to dismember" in Spanish
We cannot dismember this issue in this way.
No se puede desmembrar así este tema.
The aim is clearly to weaken Russia's military force and to gradually dismember this vast territory.
La esperanza consiste, naturalmente, en acabar con su fuerza militar y desmembrar progresivamente este inmenso territorio.
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Or that between China and all the great powers that attempted to dismember it into areas that suited their respective interests?
¿Entre China y todas esas grandes potencias que intentaron desmembrarla en función de sus intereses respectivos?
As soon as you begin to unpick any of the twelve points we laid down in Beijing, you have also begun to dismember the whole of the Beijing document.
El día que se empiecen a eliminar puntos de los doce acordados en Pekín se habrá empezado a destruir todo el documento.