"desocupado" in English

desocupado{adjective masculine}
¿está desocupado este asiento?
is this seat free?
empty{adj.} (seat, table, place)
to vacate[vacated · vacated] {v.t.} [form.] (move out of)
Naturalmente, al desocupar el local provisional, hay que velar por que todos los detalles financieros estén adecuadamente cubiertos.
Of course, in vacating the temporary premises we must make sure that financial details are covered properly.
Debemos abogar porque las viviendas ocupadas por las fuerzas gubernamentales sean desocupadas y devueltas.
We should advocate that those dwellings which have been occupied by the government forces be vacated and restored to their former condition.
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el inmueble debe ser desocupado en 12 días a partir de hoy
the property must be vacated 12 days hence
pasa mucho tiempo desocupado
he spends a lot of time doing nothing