"chivato" in English

canary{noun} [Amer.] [slg.] (informer)
sneak{noun} [Brit.] [coll.]
snout{noun} [Brit.] [slg.] (informer)
bleeper{noun} [coll.]
grass{noun} [Brit.] [coll.]
nark{noun} [slg.]
telltale{noun} [coll.]
Al mismo tiempo, los indicadores también son lo que podríamos denominar una especie de chivatos sobre los resultados de elecciones políticas precedentes.
At the same time, the indicators are also what one might call a kind of tell-tale as regards the results of previous policy choices.
fag{noun} [Amer.] [slg.]
poof{noun} [Brit.] [slg.]
little horror{noun} [coll.]
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Gracias a la actuación de un " chivato " y al Comité de Sabios se ha denunciado la corrupción.
Thanks to the action taken by a " whistle blower " and the Committee of Wise Men, corruption has been brought out into the open.