"to beat down" in Spanish

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The Open Source folk beat you hands down, by 100 to zero.
Los defensores del código abierto les han vencido sin esfuerzo por 100 a 0.
you might manage to beat the price down a little
puede que te lo dejen un poco más barato si regateas
we beat him down to half the original figure
conseguimos que nos lo dejara a mitad de precio
the fierce tropical sun beat down
el implacable sol del trópico caía a plomo
Said he, "It is my staff on which I lean, and wherewith I beat down leaves for my flocks, and for which I have other uses.
Dijo: “¡Tírala, Oh Moisés!
Unfortunately, however, the real aim appears to have been to beat down and attack our small and medium-sized enterprises.
Desgraciadamente, sin embargo, el verdadero objetivo parece haber sido la conquista y el asalto de nuestras pequeñas y medianas empresas.
the sun beat down on them
el sol caía de lleno sobre ellos
the sun beat down relentlessly
el sol pegaba implacable
the sun beat down ferociously
el sol caía a plomo
to beat down
llover a cántaros