"apurar" in English

to chivvy {v.t.} [coll.] (person)
apurar a algn
to chivvy sb up
to hurry along {vb} (project, task)
to hurry up {vb} (person)
to hurry up {vb} (work)
to rush[rushed · rushed] {v.t.} (person)
En nuestro apuro por reducir las emisiones, no obstante, no deberíamos socavar la competitividad de los fabricantes de automóviles europeos.
In our rush to cut emissions, however, we should not undermine the competitiveness of European car manufacturers.
Si no lo hacemos, nos encontraremos siempre en esta situación tan apurada y negativa.
Unless we succeed in doing that, we shall constantly find ourselves in this kind of rushed situation, and that is a bad thing. Even so, we are going to vote in favour now.
Seamos prudentes y vigilantes, no nos mostremos tan apurados en desmantelar y liquidar nuestra política agrícola común, fuerza de cohesión extraordinaria para nuestros quince Estados miembros.
We must not be in such a rush to dismantle and dispose of our Common Agricultural Policy, which has done so much to hold our 15 Member States together.
to speed up {vb} (person)
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apurar de un trago
to drink up
apurar a algn
to chivvy sb up
apurar la copa
to sup up