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Spanish days of the week and months of the year

14 Apr, 2017 Popular Articles
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In this lesson, we will learn how to say days of the week and months of the year in Spanish.

How to say days of the week in Spanish

The fact is that most of the week days in Spanish has a big relation with Roman mythology. Most of the names of the days of the week are tied to planetary bodies. Let’ see the table below.

Los días de la semana (The days of the week)

EnglishNamed for
lunesMondayla luna (the Moon)
martesTuesdayMarte (Mars)
miércolesWednesdayMercurio (Mercury)
juevesThursdayJúpiter (Jupiter)
viernesFridayVenus (Venus)
sábadoSaturdaySaturno (Saturn)
domingoSundayDominus (Lord in Latin)


  • Spanish days of the week are not capitalized as in English
  • The days of the week are all masculine. Therefore, you need to use “el” (singular” or “los” (plural)


Hay una fiesta el miércoles - There is a party on Wednesday
Hay muchas fiestas los Viernes - There are many parties on Fridays

  • The definite article will mean “on” when used with the days of the week in Spanish.

For example: No tengo clase los lunes - I don’t have class on Mondays

  • In Spanish, days of the week ending in -s don’t change their forms in the plural. Just the article that changes.

el lunes - los lunes
el martes - los martes
el miércoles - los miércoles
el jueves - los jueves
el Viernes - los viernes
el sábado - los sábados
el domingo - los domingos


No tengo clase el lunes. I don’t have class on Monday
¿Qué día es hoy? - What day is today?
Es Viernes - It’s Friday
Hoy es lunes - Today is Monday
No trabajo los martes - I don’t work on Tuesdays

Spanish days of the week

Spanish days of the week

How to say Spanish months of the year

January - enero
February - febrero
March - marzo
April - abril
May – mayo
June - junio
July - julio
August - agosto
September - septiembre
October - octubre
November - noviembre
December - diciembre


  • Just like Spanish days of the week, months of the year are not capitalized
  • The preposition “en” should be used to express “in a certain month.”

For example:

Vamos a México en enero - We are going to Mexico in January

Another common words and phrases when talking about days and months in Spanish

Today - hoy
Yesterday - ayer
Tomorrow - mañana
This week - esta semana
Last week - la semana pasada
Next week - la semana que viene

  • To talk about the first day of the month, use “el primer día” or “el primero.”

For example,

Hoy es lunes, el primer día de mayo / Hoy es lunes, el primero de mayo.
Today is Monday, May 1

  • For all other days of the month, use the cardinal numbers

Check out ordinal numbers in Spanish for more information!

For example,

Hoy es martes, el veinticinco de marzo - Tuesday, March 25

  • In Spanish, they write the day + month + year instead of month + day + year like in English.

For example,

el 29 de febrero de 1896
February 29, 1896
28.3.97 – 3/28/97

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