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School subjects in Spanish

17 Jul, 2017 Popular Articles
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In this lesson, we will show you a vocabulary list of school subjects in Spanish. In Spain, children also study much the same subjects as we do. Some of them are very similar to their English equilavents. So it's pretty easy to learn them. Education is compulsory for all of those who are resident in Spain between 6 to 16 years, with 6 years of primary education, 4 years of compulsory secondary education. All students will receive basic vocational training at secondary level.

Vocabulary list - School subjects in Spanish

  • School subjects - Las asignaturas
  • Subjects - Materias
  • Biology - La biología 
  • Chemistry - La química
  • Science - La ciencia
  • Physics - La física 
  • Art - Arte 
  • Sport / Physical Education - Deporte / Educación Física 
  • History - La historia 
  • Mathematics - Las matemáticas 
  • Geography - La geografía 
  • Music - La música 
  • Computing - Informática, Computación
  • Languages - Las lenguas, idiomas
  • English - El inglés
  • Spanish - El español 
  • Chinese - Chino
  • French - El francés
  • German - El alemán
  • Latin - Latín
  • Accounting - La contabilidad
  • Literature - Literatura
  • Painting - La pintura
  • Psychology - La psicología
  • Geometry - La geometría
  • Philosophy - La filosofía
  • Anthropology - La antropología
  • Sociology - La sociología
  • Technology - La technología

School subjects in SpanishCommon school subjects in Spanish

Common phrases and expressions

  • What is your favorite school subject? - ¿Cuál es tu curso favorito?
  • My favorite school subject is ___. - Mi curso favorite es ___.

Like and dislike:

To express that you like or dislike a subject, you can say:

  • I like Geography - Me gusta la geografia
  • I don't like Science - No me gustan las ciencias/A mi no me gusta las ciencias

Or you can check out: how to say dislike in Spanish for more expressions.

  • I study - Estudio
  • I study a lot - Estudio mucho

Warch the video below to know how to pronounce school subjects in Spanish!

Hope that the above word list can help you easily name school subjects in Spanish. If you find it hard to remember all those words, note them down and revise regularly! Follow our site to get instant Spanish to English translation and daily vocabulary and grammar lessons.