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Pedir vs Preguntar in Spanish

01 Jun, 2017 Popular Articles
Pedir vs Preguntar in Spanish2 votes. 5 / 5

There are two common verbs used if you want to say "ask" in Spanish, pedir and preguntar. And just like the choice that you have to make between por and para, or saber vs conocer, you will need to consider carefully whether to use pedir or preguntar. Here in this article, we will show you how and when to use pedir vs preguntar in Spanish.

Pedir vs preguntar in Spanish

Pedir vs Preguntar - When to use?

When to use pedir in Spanish

Pedir is used to ask for favours or to make requests.

For example:

Le pedí una cerveza - I asked him for a beer

Le pido ayuda - I am asking him for help

Pide más queso para su burrito - He asks for more cheese for his burrito

Note: When you use the verb pedir to ask 'for' something, you don't need to add the preposition "for" like you would in Spanish.


Pedir conjugation

The table below shows the present conjugation of pedir:

Yo (I)Pido
Tú (You)Pides
Él / Ella (He/She)Pide
Nosotros (We)Pedimos
Vosotros (You all)Pedís
Ellos Piden

When to use Preguntar?

Preguntar is used to ask for information or to question or inquire about something.

For example:

Me preguntaron si te conocía - They asked me if I knew you

¿Te puedo preguntar cuándo sale el tren? - Can I ask you when the train is leaving?

La enfermera preguntó cómo me llamaba - The nurse asked me what my name was


If you want to inquire about someone using preguntar, you will need to add the preposition "por".

For example:

Ayer él estuvo aquí preguntando por ti - Yesterday he was here asking for you

So preguntar por alguien can be translated as ask about someone or ask for someone in English.

Preguntar conjugation

Yo (I)Pregunto
Tú (You)Preguntas
Él / Ella (He/She)Pregunta
Nosotros (We)Preguntamos
Vosotros (You all)Preguntáis

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