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Names of fruits in Spanish

06 May, 2017 Popular Articles
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Fruits are important sources of many nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. There are numerous kinds of fruits around the world. In this lesson, we will learn how to say names of different kinds of fruits in Spanish. This word list might come in handy when you want to buy fruits at a market in a Spanish-speaking country. Below is a list of common fruits in Spanish with English translation. Check out to improve your Spanish to English skills!

Names of fruits in Spanish

  • Apple - la manzana
  • Banana - el plátano, la banana
  • Cherry - la cereza
  • Coconut - el coco
  • Grape - la uva
  • Kiwi - el kiwi
  • Lemon - el limón
  • Lime - la lima
  • Mango - el mango
  • Mulberry - la mora
  • Orange - la naranja
  • Papaya - la papaya
  • Pear - la pera
  • Pineapple - la piña
  • Plum - la ciruela
  • Raspberry - la frambuesa
  • Strawberry - fresa
  • Walnut - nuez
  • Watermelon - la sandia

Names of fruits in Spanish

List of fruits in Spanish

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Some Spanish words for fruits are pretty similar to the English relevant. Learning to say names of fruits in Spanish is necessary if you want to enjoy tropical fruits when visiting Spanish-speaking countries.