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How to use "Lo" in Spanish?

24 Oct, 2017 Spanish for Beginners
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"Lo" is one of the Spanish words that has different definitions. It changes depending on context. In this lesson, we will show you different meanings of "lo" in Spanish and how to use it.

How to use "Lo" in Spanish

How to use "Lo" in Spanish?

"Lo" to mean "him" or "it"

When lo is used as a masculine direct-object pronoun, it can be translated as "him" or "it". Its feminine form is "la"


¿Pablo? No lo vi. - Pablo? I didn't see him.

El coche es muy caro. Quiero comprarlo. - The car is very expensive. I want to buy it.

"Lo" to mean "the"

"Lo" can be used as a neuter definite article before an adjective to make an abstract noun or a noun phrase.


Lo mejor es que me voy a casa - The best thing is that I'm going home

Lo importante es que venga - The important thing is that she comes

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"Lo" to refer to something abstract or unnamed activity

As a neuter direct-object pronoun, "lo" can be used as an object pronoun to refer to something abstract, to an unnamed activity or situation, or to a previous statement.


No podemos hacerlo - We can't do it

No lo comprendo - I don't understand it

"Lo" to mean "part" or "portion"


Lo difícil del español es el vocabulario - The hard part about Spanish is the vocabulary

Lo importante de la vida es el fin - The important part of life is the end

"Lo" to mean "how"

"Lo" can be used to express the extreme degree or nature of something.


No tengo palabras para definir lo feliz que soy - I don’t have the words to define how happy I am

Quedó sorprendido por lo absurdo de su manera de ser - She was surprised by how absurd his way of life was

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"Lo que" or "lo cual"

These phrases serve as relative pronouns which mean "that" or "what."


No todo lo que brilla es oro - Not everything that shines is gold

Lo que los padres deben saber - What parents ought to know

"Lo" with "ser" and "estar"

"Lo" can also be used with "ser" or "estar" to refer to a preceding noun or adjective.

¿Es nueva tu computadora?. —No lo es. "Is your computer new?" "It isn't."

"Lo de"

This phrase has different meanings depending on the context. However, it generally means something like "the matter concerning"

For example:

Lo de que las niñas japonesas se perdieron no era una mentira. The story about the Japanese girls getting lost wasn't a lie.

Other phrases with "lo"

  • por lo tanto - as a result
  • a lo largo de - throughout
  • por lo general - generally
  • por lo menos -  at least
  • a lo mejor - probably
  • por lo visto - apparently
  • lo sabe todo - he/she knows it all
  • por lo pronto - for now
  • a lo lejos - in the distance
  • a lo loco - like crazy

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