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How to take a taxi in Spanish?

15 Aug, 2017 Popular Articles
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When you travel to a Spanish-speaking country, chances are you will get around on taxi. Taking a taxi is probably the most convenient and comfortable way for newcomers to travel around. Below you will find useful words, phrases, and expressions to take a taxi in Spanish. These phrases will help ensure your taxi get you to your desired destination.

Taking a taxi in Spanish

Call for a taxi

  • To take a taxi - tomar un taxi
  • The taxi stop - la parada de taxis
  • Excuse me, sir. Where is the taxi stop? - Perdón, señor. ¿Dónde está la parada de taxis?
  • Where can I get a taxi? - ¿Dónde se cogen los taxis?
  • I want to take a taxi to the supermarket - Quiero tomar un taxi al supermercado
  • Please call a taxi for me - Por favor, consigame un taxi

Along the way

Telling where you want to go

  • To ___, please - A la ___, por favor

For example:

A la Calle Valencia, por favor – To Valencia Street, please

  • Queremos ir a la Calle Valencia, por favor – We want to go to Valencia Street please
  • Llévenos a la Calle Valencia, por favor – Take us to Valencia Street please
  • LLeveme a esta direccion, por favour - Take me to this address, please (When the address is written on a piece of paper)
  • ¿Está muy lejos? - Is it very far away?
  • ¿Qué tan largo es el viaje? - How long is the trip?
  • Recójame dentro de una hora - Pick me up in an hour
  • Stop here please - Pare aquí, por favor
  • It's just here - Es aquí
  • Stop/wait here - pare/espere aquí 
  • Thanks for taking us - Gracias por llevarnos

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Asking about the cost

  • ¿Cuánto puede costar? - How much will it cost?
  • ¿Cuanto cobra para lleverme al aeropuerto? - How much do you charge to take me to the airport
  • Keep the change - Lo de mas es para Usted./Quedese con la vuelta


  • to the centre - al centro
  • to the airport - al aeropuerto
  • to the station - a la estación
  • to the park - al parque
  • to the cathedral - a la catedral
  • to the theatre - al teatro
  • to the cinema - al cine
  • to the restaurant - al restaurante
  • to the hotel - al hotel

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