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How to say "You're beautiful" in Spanish?

19 Sep, 2017 Common Spanish Phrases
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In this lesson, we will learn how to say "You're beautiful" in Spanish. Remember that all words that describe the characteristics of people or objects in Spanish must match the word they describe in gender.

How to say You're beautiful in Spanish?

How to say You're beautiful in Spanish?

Say something is beautiful

Here are few ways to say something is beautiful in Spanish

  • El jardín es hermoso - The garden is beautiful
  • El verano es bello - The summer is beautiful
  • El poema es bello - The poem is beautiful
  • ¡Qué preciosa casa! - What a beautiful house
  • San Francisco es un bella ciudad - San Francisco is a beautiful city
  • El bosque es muy bonito - The forest is very beautiful

Say You're beautiful to a woman

If you want to say that a woman is beautiful in Spanish, the word for "beautiful" must be in feminine form. Feminine words often end in "a."

See: Gender rules in Spanish

For example:

  • Estás bella - You look beautiful
  • Estás bonita - You look beautiful/pretty
  • Estás guapa - You look attractive
  • Estás hermosa - You look gorgeous
  • Estás linda - You look lovely
  • Eres bella - You are beautiful
  • Eres bonita - You are beautiful/pretty
  • Eres guapa - You are attractive
  • Eres hermosa - You are gorgeous
  • Eres linda - You are lovely

Say You're beautiful to a man

If you want to tell a man he looks "beautiful", you need to change the adjectives to the masculine ending (masculine words often end in "o"). And the adjectives mean the same thing for men. However, "guapo" means handsome while "guapa" means attractive.

For examples:

  • El es hermoso
  • Eres bello
  • Eres bonito
  • Eres guapo
  • Eres hermoso
  • Eres lindo

If you want to describe several people then, add "s" to "hermosa" or "hermoso."

For examples:

They are beautiful - Ellas son hermosas (plural-feminine)

They are beautiful - Ellos son hermosos (plural-masculine)

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Other common expressions:

  • Good morning beautiful - Buenos días hermosa
  • Hello beautiful - Hola hermosa
  • Very beautiful - Muy hermosa
  • How beautiful - Que hermoso (masculine)
  • How beautiful - Que hermosa (feminine)

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