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How to say dislike in Spanish?

27 Jul, 2017 Popular Articles
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You are probably familiar with verbs like gustar which are often used to express that you like something or someone. So how to express that you hate, detest, or dislike something in Spanish? Here in this lesson, we will show you how to say dislike in Spanish.

How to say dislike in Spanish? - Verbs of dislike

No me gusta

This is one of the most common ways to say you dislike something. You just need to negate gustar.


No me gusta lo que he visto - I don't like what I've seen

No me gusta nada bailar - I don’t like dancing at all

No me gusta la piña - I don't like pineapple

No me gusta - Dislike in Spanish

Me gusta vs No me gusta


Stronger still is the use of "disgustar". It's not as strong as its English cognate "disgust."

Abominar (de)

For example:

Los líderes de nuestro país abominan de la libertad de expresión - The leaders of our country despise freedom of expression.

Aborrecer - Detest/Loathe

For example:

Este sistema de justicia actual es un sistema que todos los ciudadanos lo aborrecemos - The current justice system is one that all of us citizens detest.


For example:

Me choca la música rap - I can't stand rap music.

Chocar is also ofen used as a transitive verb which means "to collide" in some different contexts.


For example:

El presidente condenó la actitud de la polcía - The president condemned the attitude of the police


For example:

I really dislike seeing you do that - Me desagrada mucho verte hacer eso

Detestar - Detest

Detesto la gente que se me cruce por delante en la carretera - I detest people who cut in front of me on the highway

Execrar - Loathe

For example: 

Yo execraba las opiniones de mi profesor antes de comprenderlas - I loathed my teachers opinions before understanding them.

Mirar mal - Dislike

For example:

Mira mal a cualquier hombre que se me acerca - He dislikes any man who comes near me.

See also: Por vs para

Odiar - Hate

Mi madre odia los hospitales - My mother hates hospitals.

Above are some common words used to express dislike. And while the translation may give you an idea of the intensity of those verbs, choice of verbs or translation will depend on context. Follow our site to get instant Spanish to English translation and translation of multiple languages.