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How to say colors in Spanish

21 Apr, 2017 Popular Articles
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The colors are one of the groups of words that are used frequently when we speak. In this article, we will show you how to say colors in Spanish or names of basic colors in Spanish and common words and phrases used when talking about colors.

List of colors in Spanish

  • black - negro
  • white - blanco
  • blue - azul
  • yellow - amarillo
  • red - rojo
  • green – verde
  • orange – anaranjado
  • pink - rosado
  • purple - morado
  • violet - violeta
  • brown - marrón
  • gold - dorado
  • gray - gris
  • multicolored - multicolor
  • silver - plateado
  • turquoise - turquesa
  • sky blue - azúl cielo

Basic colors in SpanishBasic colors in Spanish

Using colors in speech

1. The gender of colour words need to match the noun they describe

Color words are mostly used as adjectives. In Spanish, the gender of color words must match the gender of the noun or the thing that you’re describing.


  • If the noun is feminine, change the ending “o” on a color word to “a”

For example:
La camisa es negra – The shirt is black

  • If the color word end in “e” or a consonant, its form will remain unchanged for both gender like “azul”
  • If the noun/the thing you are describing is plural, add “s” to the end of the color words

See Spanish gender rules

For example:

Hay dos gatos negros - There are two black cats


  • Just like in English, the plural form of some words don’t follow the above rules, including:

Azul - azules

Marrón - marrónes

Gris - Grises

2. If a color word is modified with another word, don’t change its form. Or in other words, you don’t have to change its form to match the gender or the number of the noun.

For example: lime green – verde lima

See: Numbers in Spanish 1 100

3. The color word must come after the noun it describes.


Red pencil - lápiz rojo
Tengo un traje de baño morado - I have a purple bathing suit

Common words and phrases used when talking about colors

Color - Color
Los colores
The colors
Mi color favorito es... - My favorite color is...
Me gusta el color azul - I like the color blue

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