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How to pronounce "H" in Spanish?

18 Sep, 2017 Learning through Videos
How to pronounce "H" in Spanish?1 votes. 4 / 5

The Spanish letter "H" is pretty tricky to pronounce. Most of the time, it's silent. Still, there are some exceptions that you need to remember. Watch the video below to know how to pronounce "H" in Spanish!

How to pronounce "H" in Spanish

So if it is silent, why does it still exist or why there is a silent "H" in Spanish?

In terms of word history, the letter "h" used to be pronounced ages ago. The "h" then became so soft as to become inaudible. It was used to seperate two vowels that weren't pronounced as one, that is as a diphthong. These days, it is standard for the h between vowels to be ignored in pronunciation. 

The words where the h is pronounced?

  • hámster (hamster)
  • hockey
  • Hong Kong
  • hobby
  • hacker
  • hit
  • halar (pull)

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