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How to pronounce C, K, S, Z in Spanish?

27 Sep, 2017 Learning through Videos
How to pronounce C, K, S, Z in Spanish?1 votes. 4.5 / 5

In this lesson, we will learn how to pronounce C, K, S, Z in Spanish. It can be confusing to pronounce these letters. The video below will help you pronounce these letters like a native speaker! It will also show you the difference between the Latin American Spanish and the Spanish from Spain. 

How to pronounce C, K, S, Z in Spanish?

The sound of the "c" depends on the letter that follows.

  • When the "c" is followed by "e" or "i", it is pronounced like "th" (in "thin") in Spain and "s" in Latin America. It is a soft C

For example:

Cielo (sky) is pronounced much like SYEH-loh (in Latin America) or THYEH-loh (in Spain)

To avoid confusion between the two "th" sounds, the unvoiced "th" is represented as "θ". So the above word might be represented as θYEH-loh

  • When "c" is followed by "a", "o", "u", or by any other consonant, it is pronounced like "k" in English. However, it is slightly less explosive.
  • When it is followed by "h", the two letters form the "ch" sound. It is pretty similar to the "ch" sound in "church" or "cheap."

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