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How to pronounce B and V in Spanish?

02 Oct, 2017 Learning through Videos
How to pronounce B and V in Spanish?1 votes. 4.5 / 5

In this lesson, we will learn how to pronounce B and V in Spanish. While English makes a clear distinction when pronouncing the two letters, "b" and "v", Spanish does not. The fact is that in standard Spanish, "b" and "v" are pronounced exactly alike. Their sounds may vary depending on the sounds around them.

Watch the video below to learn some rules when pronouncing these letters.

How to pronounce B and V in Spanish?

Since "b" and "v" sound alike, many people have trouble pronouncing these letters.

Most of the time, "b" and"v" are voiced fricatives. And in this case, a sound somewhat like the English "v" but with the two lips touching instead of the lower lip and upper teeth. It's a bit softer than the English "b."

When "b" or "v" comes at the beginning of a word, a phrase, "n", or "m", it is pronounced like the English "b". However, it's softer. It is not as explosive as the English sound.

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