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How to describe a person's physical appearance in Spanish?

12 Jun, 2017 Popular Articles
How to describe a person's physical appearance in Spanish?2 votes. 5 / 5

In the previous lesson, we covered personality adjectives to describe a person in Spanish. We also discussed how to talk about someone’s personality. In this lesson, we will learn how to describe physical appearance of a person in Spanish.

How to describe a person's physical appearance in Spanish?

If you are asking about a person's appearance, you could hear anything as an answer. A person may be fat, skinny, short or tall, etc. Here we will show you how to describe all of these qualities.

Hair (el pelo/cabello)

  • pelo corto - short hair
  • pelo largo - long hair
  • medio largo - medium-length hair
  • pelo lacio - straight hair
  • pelo ondulado - wavy hair
  • pelo rizado - curly hair
  • pelo castaño - brown hair
  • pelo oscuro - dark hair
  • pelo rubio - blonde hair

For example:

Elisa tiene pelo largo - Elisa has long hair

Itzel tiene pelo rizado - Itzel has curly hair 

Eyes (los ojos) and skin color

  • ojos marrones - brown eyes
  • ojos verdes - green eyes
  • ojos azules - blue eyes
  • ojos azul-grises - blue-grey eyes
  • piel morena - dark-skinned
  • piel blanca - fair-skinned
  • piel pálida - pale skinned

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For example:

Él tiene ojos azules - He has blue eyes

Él tiene piel blanca - He is fair-skinned

Face - la cara/el rostro

  • an oval face - una cara ovalada
  • a round face - una cara redonda
  • a chubby face - una cara regordete
  • rosy cheeks - mejillas sonrosadas
  • a sad face - una cara triste
  • a happy face - una cara alegre

Height and weight

  • baja - short
  • alto - tall
  • delgada - thin
  • gordo - fat
  • slim - esbelto
  • medium height - de estatura media
  • chubby - regordete/gordinflón/rellenito

For example:

Él es alto - He is tall

How to describe a person's physical appearance in SpanishSer and tener are used to describe a person's physical appearance in Spanish

Other features

  • una boca ancha - a wide mouth
  • una boca pequeña - a narrow mouth
  • hoyuelos - dimples
  • un lunar - a mole
  • pecas - freckles
  • labios carnosos - thick lips
  • cejas pobladas - bushy eyebrows
  • orejas grandes - big ears
  • una cicatriz - a scar
  • una frente despejada - a high forehead
  • nariz grande - big nose
  • nariz respingona - upturned nose
  • curva de la felicidad - beer belly
  • clean-shaven - bien afeitado

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For example:

Él tiene la curva de la felicidad - He has a beer belly

Ella tiene la nariz grande - She has a big nose

Él tiene una boca pequeña - He has a narrow mouth

Él tiene pecas - He has freckles

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