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Common Spanish abbreviations

04 Aug, 2017 Popular Articles
Common Spanish abbreviations3 votes. 5 / 5

One real challenge for language learners is the use of abbreviations. As many words are often abbreviated in documents, it's hard to get the gist of sentences if you don't know what does the abbreviation stand for. Below is a list of common Spanish abbreviations that help you deal with this problem.

Common Spanish abbreviations

Common Spanish abbreviations

Below you will find a list of common Spanish abbreviations, their meanings, and their corresponding English abbreviation.

Spanish abbreviations English abbreviationMeaning
a.C., a. de C., a.J.C., a. de J.C.antes de Cristo, antes de JesucristoB.C. , BCE Before Christ/Before Common Era
a. m. antes del mediodíaa.mbefore noon
apdo. apartado postalP.OBox
aprox.aproximadamente approximately
Av., Avda. avenidaAve.Ave.avenue, in addresses
Bs. As.Buenos Aires Buenos Aires
c.c.centímetros cúbicosc.c.cubic centimeters
cm centímetroscmcentimeters
c/ucada uno apiece
D.don Sir
Da.doña Madam
d.C., d. de C., d.J.C., d. de J.C.después de Cristo, después de JesucristoCE/A.DCommon Era/anno domini
dna.docena dozen
EE. UU.Estados UnidosU.S 
esqesquina street corner
f.c., F.C.ferrocarrilR.R.railroad
FF. AA.fuerzas armadas armed forces
Dr., Dra.  doctor, doctoraDr. 
Eeste (punto cardinal)Eeast
Gob. gobiernoGov. 
km/hkilómetros por hora kilometers per hour
llitros liters
Lic.licenciado attorney
mmetros meters
mmmilímetros millimeters
hhora hour
Ing.ingeniero engineer
pág.página page
no., núm.númeroNo.number
P.D. — postdata — P.S.
OEAOrganización de Estados AmericanosOASOrganization of American States
ONUOrganización de Naciones UnidasUNUnited Nations
OTANLa Organización del Tratado Atlántico NorteNATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
p.ej.por ejemploe.gfor example
p. m.post meridienp.mafter noon
Prof, Profa.profesor, profesora Professor
q.e.p.d.que en paz descanseR.I.Prest in peace
S.A.Sociedad AnónimaInc. 
S.L.Sociedad LimitadaLtd. 
Sr. señorMr. 
Sra.señoraMrs., Ms. 
Srta.señoritaMiss, Ms. 
Ud., Vd., Uds., Vds. usted, ustedes  you
W.Cwater closet bathroom, toilet


  • Not all Spanish abbreviations are capitalized

See: Capitalization rules in Spanish.

Generally, abbreviations that are capitalized are personal titles, such as Sr. and Dr., and those derived from proper nouns.

  • Just like in English, we use a spelling such as "5th" for "fifth," Spanish speakers often abbreviate Spanish ordinal numbers using the numerals themselves. Abbreviations vary with gender.

For example:

Octavo (eighth) - abbreviation: 8o (if it's masculine) / 8a (if it's feminine).

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